How can I contribute?

Just navigate here and quickly register your account. Then login and start uploading free public domain images. Please upload only images that are your own, or under proper license(which allows redistribution and modifications, even in commercial purposes).

Someone uploaded my image on PDIMG without my permission. How can I remove it?

Contact us here. We’ll remove your image as soon as possible.

Are there any special requirements for images or contributors?

No, except you must not upload adult oriented images, images propagating racism, violence nor images you don’t own or aren’t under a proper license.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely none. PDIMG is absolutely free and will always stay so, we promise.

I have my own images that I want to share on PDIMG. I’m confused by all those licenses. What should I add in the copyright section of my image?

Just use “THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.” and you’ll be all set.

I want to trick PDIMG and share copyrighted images or images I don’t own. What can you do?

You can try. All submitted images are checked manually before approval. If we suspect that image is not yours, we might ask you for a proof. If we miss it and get a complaint sometime in the future- we will block your account and report you without second thought.

Who is PDIMG for?

Anyone who wants. If you need a free image, PDIMG is for you. If you  have your own images that you want to share for free, PDIMG is for you.

Can I share a link to all my images with friends and colleagues?

Sure, as soon as you upload at least one image, all your images will be available under:

You can also find this link under

Can I use my profile photo, so people can recognize me among other contributors?

Sure. You can add your avatar and URL from here:

Why should I upload and share images for free?

Because it’s nice to share 🙂 If you’re a professional photographer, you don’t have to share your best work that you could otherwise sell for big bucks. Upload the ones you don’t like as much but still make sense, or ones that never saw a light before because project failed or for any other reason.

Every image also displays your profile photo and “do-follow” website URL(if you want), so sharing for free might actually help you get additional jobs, especially if your images are browsed often. Example:

Have a question not covered above?

Drop us an email.